Finrocks videos – just one explainer video away from more new customers

We help you get to the heart of what you have to offer. We create explainer videos and show you how to use them profitably.Our secret: We don’t create the films our customers want, but the films our customers need. Because let’s face it, nobody wants an explainer video. What you really want is more customers.with this philosophy we could win leading for us.

Explainer films will only bring you more customers if…

...your product or service delivers real added value.
...the content was written using the correct method.
...the video is used in the right place.
Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, we work out your strategy with you. In the process, we already create a first draft for the explainer video and plan how the video can be used to achieve the best possible results.

How does a collaboration work?





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