Finrocks, a strong partner for startups

You have a digital business idea and the financing is also clarified? Now all you need is the right digital agency? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have years of experience in the development of complex applications and startups. From a trading app to a social network for footballers, we have already gained a lot of experience with the most diverse technologies and founders.

Together, we work out your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and find out which technologies make sense for your product and are affordable at the same time. Due to our short development cycles, you have full transparency at all times and can check whether the work on the project is going in the direction you want. You want to co-develop yourself? No problem, we can also put together a first-class team of developers for you!

What we offer

We are obsessed with developing the best products with the best founders. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and improve new products and services to succeed faster.


UI/UX design and video support


Technical know-how and digital expertise


Consulting on current, scalable technologies

Application of product best practices

Possibility to co-develop on site

High flexibility through agile development cycles

Qualified personnel and strong network

Strategic cooperations

Direct contact and coordination

Scalable development team

About Finrocks – Your digital agency

Our team consists of the best developers, IT specialists and project managers with academic and technical background. From the first concept to the launch, we accompany our customers with our expertise and practical know-how. In doing so, we have high standards for ourselves and the result of our work.

Since our founding in 2019, we have grown steadily and have been able to continually expand our client base. In addition, we have founded 2 startups ourselves, invested in more than 5 companies and further expanded our network. As founders, we know exactly what matters in a startup. We don’t waste any time, we get stuck in and give our all so that you can get to market quickly with your idea, attract investors and grow!

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