Digitization in companies is a demanding process that poses great challenges for many companies. In order to remain future-proof and competitive, far-reaching and, above all, complex change processes are necessary, which require a suitable approach, the right tools and the right people.

What distinguishes us at Finrocks as a consultant from many other management consultancies is our many years of practical experience from countless successful digitization projects. When we speak of digitization, this is not theory, but lived practice. Every day we talk to customers from a wide variety of industries who work with us to develop digital strategies and solutions and put them into practice.

What we can do

Digital Strategy

We help you find the right measures to successfully occupy digital markets.

Collaboration Strategy

We bring the benefits of digitization to your internal work processes.

Experience Design

Conception and user experience design are decisive factors for the success of digital products.

Blockchain & Crypto

Advice around asset tokenization and the application of blockchain solutions in practice.

Payments & Banking

Our team has experience in the financial industry and understands the importance of protecting your funds as well as those of your clients.

Structuring & Licensing

We work with numerous attorneys and jurisdictions. We help with the establishment of companies or licensing.

Let us put your company on a strong growth path together.

We aim to improve your business by recommending the best technological infrastructure and resources, giving you access to the solutions that best suit your business and needs.


At Finrocks, consulting does not just mean the sober preparation of data analyses, but above all concrete process optimization with a hands-on mentality. Instead of simply pointing out problems, we offer constructive, tailor-made solutions. We provide your company with the necessary know-how to master digitization processes.

As entrepreneurs, we always think in terms of our customers and approach every project responsibly, solution-oriented and proactively. That is why workshops and personal talks are our preferred media. Regardless of whether it is about personnel consulting, sparring for a digital business idea or the concrete development of an MVP or UX design. We are convinced that open communication at eye level is the direct route to a lasting positive result.


Curious and ready to talk to us ?