We empower financial technology and reshape the world of digital finance

Led by a team of passionate digital entrepreneurs, Finrocks combines an interdisciplinary team of digital experts and technologists with a passion for financial and blockchain technology. At Finrocks we strive to provide our clients high-quality solutions that are designed and built for the future of digital finance. We support our clients in identifying, implementing and building outstanding technology and in scaling their business through smart technology integrations, lead generation and business development services.


10 years in financial and blockchain technology

With a track record of more than 10 years in financial and blockchain technology, our team provides its clients a universal approach to develop and scale their ideas for being ready for the financial evolution of tomorrow.

Our team of experts

Wladimir Huber

Founding Partner & Managing Director


Wladimir is a tech-entrepreneur with a focus on FinTech and data driven companies with an extensive knowledge in founding and building internet companies.

He holds a M.A. degree in finance & information technology from Leuphana University. After his studies he worked in consulting and banking.

Alexander Braune

Founding Partner & Managing Director


Alexander is a certified banking professional (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and FinTech entrepreneur with strong strategic and business development skills. He is an expert for transforming and scaling digital businesses.

He has more than 7 years of experience in the consulting, banking and FinTech industry and holds a M. Sc. degree in Management from EBS University (Business & Law).

Kyrylo Kundik

Backend Lead


Kyrylo is an IT specialist with more than 5 years of backend development experience and website reliability. He has won and took part in more than 20 tech international competitions including the biggest hackathon in Europe (Junction), Google Hashcode, and Google Jam.

Pascal Haller

Head of Business Development


Pascal completed diverse professional experiences in investment banking, law and fintech in Europe and South East Asia. He has more than 4 years of experience in business innovation and blockchain technology.

He completed undergraduate studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science as well as a postgraduate diploma in common law and subsequently enrolled in a MSc in Financial Technology at the University of Glasgow. He fluently speaks four languages

Melina Plehnert

Management Assistant


Melina is a trained tax clerk and through her many years of experience a specialist in the digital industry. For many years, she has combined her accounting and business management skills with the ever-changing demands of the fintech industry.

Bohdan Vovchuk

Frontend Developer


Bohdan is a goal-driven visionary front-end developer with more than 4 years of sufficient experience. Proven track record of achieving critical business objectives with web applications. He follows best practices and writes clean, efficient, and maintainable code. Bohdan provides the strongest attention to your project details and features. He can bring the knowledge and insights that he has gained during those years into your project to ensure its most efficient delivery.

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